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Steel straw

November 15, 2016

I found a really unique item a couple days ago. It’s a steel straw. I found it at Marshalls department store. How do these play into a survival situation? Let me give you a couple of ideas.
A survival straw can help you with your thirst. If you are in an area that has a limited Water Supplies but maybe has a few Springs, these straws can be carried with you and help suck the water out of a spring and placed into a container to  boil.Or , if you are adventurous I have no other choice , drink yourself. 

You’re thinking that drinking water from a non pure source may be dangerous Well chances are you could get sick. However, you could die of thirst a lot quicker. It’s an expedient measure in order to soak up water in areas that are difficult to reach. Areas such as Hollows in rocks, ledges where water seeps into from a steep cliff, Gathering water from very very shallow pools. Your uses are only limited by your imagination.
A straw can be used in fire starting. How you ask?

 Well once you’ve gathered your tender and your fluff and your rest of your fire itemd needed to make the fire, go for the rest of the night,  a straw can be used as a bellows to fan the flames of your tender bundle. The bundle can either be in your hand  or can already be in place  in your fire pit.  the steel straw can be used to supply a regulated air flow in order to get those charcoals to burst into a glorious Flame.
Another situation a straw could be used would be to splint a broken finger. It’s expedient and strong. 
This unique tool has a lot of uses if you think about it.
If anybody else has any ideas please forward them to me and I’ll post them on this post or you can add it in the comment section. 

Until next time be safe practice your rules at 3 I remember when you get in a bad situation to use stop. 

Rocket stoves

November 4, 2016

A great skill to have is learning how to build a rocket stove. 

 Rockets stoves can be built out of any type of brick. From cinderblocks to red building bricks. In a time of disaster that could be scavenge from colapsed buildings old old ruins or even from old ghost towns. materials can be purchased from Home Depot or other stores that carry bricks . 

 Why would you want a rocket stove? For couple reasons. To help cook food , warmth or to purify water . 

 There are quite a few videos on YouTube showing how to build these or you can buy some premade rocket stoves off the Internet that are made of metal .

 Not very much material as needed maybe 15 bricks or six cylinder blocks in order to make an effective stove . You may need to have a grill of some type of place over the flu of the stove for your cooking.

 If needed the stones can be disassembled quickly and carried with you to another location however you are dealing with brick which does add some weight to your baggage that you may be caring .

 As with any survival situation always plan accordingly to the rules of three .