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A close call

December 6, 2016

Last week I was part of a team with Washoe County search and rescue that went looking for a 70 year old lady that went snowshoeing in the afternoon. She was in great shape. She took two dogs with her and expected to be out for 45 minutes. But things happen.
When she had returned to the Rendezvous point with her husband waiting, he called 911 and ask for such assistance in locating his wife.

It was a wonderful day when she went out at 2 o’clock but by 5 o’clock it had got dark and she had called on her cell phone stating that she was in a pickle.  she wasn’t very far from the road but with it being pitch black with no moon she lost her Direction and wandered off Trail.
Several search and rescue teams from Washoe County search and rescue were deployed at the trail start and the trail end.

 she was located around 10 p.m. that night but was tired and cold. She hadn’t taken normal back with winter supplies and it said she was only going to be out for 45 minutes.

 Over the past 15 years several people had perished in the same area she was found. When the teams found her, she was cold, tired and laying down directly on the snow. A fire was built in order to warm her up for her track out with the teams to our staging location.

Disaster  was averted and she was united with her husband. Again let me point out she was in very very good condition for 70 year old lady out on a snowshoe trip. But it could have turned out horribly wrong if we hadn’t been notified in time to go look for her.

 The lesson to be learned is always take  Backcountry items with you no  matter how long you’re going to be out because things happen.   always tell someone where you’re going and when you’re going to be back and if you are not back at the appointed time quickly call nine-one-one and get search and rescue out there looking for you. Time is not your friend neither is the cold weather.