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Important everyday carry for life and survival item one

June 17, 2019

You should never go anywhere without some type of cutting device. Whether it’s a pocket knife Anon folder, a fixed blade, nail clippers but some type of a knife or cutting device. This device can be used to help fashion improvised items in situations what do you need to cut a pizza, cut a sandwich in half, remove a splinter, cut off a pant leg or shirt, or defense. A knife is crucial

Weekly survival items to carry post

June 17, 2019

The number one item to carry and have with you is your mind in the knowledge of survival. Learn the rules of 3 if you don’t know those check the website mountain and determine those.

Old methods work

June 17, 2019

On a search a couple weeks ago the incident management team had to wait for a helicopter to get us a GPS location of an incident. They have forgotten old map navigation techniques called intersection.

Sometimes old procedures work better than new procedures

June 17, 2019

We had a fire in Reno and the incident management team had to wait for the helicopter to give them a a GPS location of where the fire was burning.

What’s interesting is that this could have been done instantaneously with the teams that were already out in the field by using a compass message called intersection.

Carry baby wipes

June 17, 2019

One item that’s a great accessory for your survival pack or even backpacking pack are baby wipes. These can clean a wound and clean yourself and keep you hygienically healthy when there’s lack of water.

Keep it easily accessible.