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Sar gear example 72hrd

September 10, 2018

Sometimes old methods are better

September 6, 2018

In a search-and-rescue incident a couple weeks ago the management team waited for helicopter to get above the spot in order to get a GPS location.

This location could have been determined in a lot quicker format using an older form of navigation called intersection.

Sometime this old techniques are forgotten but they still work all you need is a a compass and where you are sighting from.

What could have happened is we had teams out on location all viewing the incident area. They could have shot azimuths from where they were standing and radio these bearings to command. There are at least four teams viewing the incident. Through intersection which is with the four service used to do in determining Wildfire location, they would have had the GPS coordinate instantaneously and monitor the incident as the incident grew.

The command simply had forgotten to use this old method and waited for Aviation team to fly above the area.

The older method go to save time and money and given instantaneous location. Sometimes the older ways or better. They don’t rely upon mechanical or computer advantage in order to work.

Keep this in your toolbox for future reference