Basic backpacking gear for snow camping as per Tahoe rim trail

Basic gear list for snow camping**:

50+L backpack

Snow shovel

Snowshoes or cross country skis

Trekking poles

1-2 full length sleeping pads with total R-value of >4.0 (no blue foam)

Sleeping bag rated <20 degrees

3 or (preferably) 4 season tent

Stove and fuel

Cook kit

2-3L of water-carrying capacity

Backpacking toilet kit plus Wag Bag/Biffy Bag disposable toilet

Lip balm with SPF and sunscreen

Headlamp with fresh batteries

You will also need the following clothing items (no cotton allowed)**:

Wool hat

Neck gaiter or balaclava

2 pairs of very warm gloves/mittens

2 wicking underlayer shirts

2 pairs long underwear/fleece pants

2 midlayers of insulation (fleece and down)

Outer waterproof shell – jacket and pants

2 pairs warm wool socks

Winter boots (waterproof)


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