Calming yourself in a survival situation

One of the first things a person needs to do when he’s in a unfamiliar situation is to stop. stop, thank, observe, and plan.

I have been doing a lot of research on ways to calm oneself when they are in a outdoor situation. you have 3 seconds to adjust your mental attitude from a fearful one to one of survival.

Let me start by telling you that all your survival needs are at hand. the number one is your mental ability to understand that nature, mother earth, the creator, or God is always with you. the tools to survive are all around you. One has to stop, listen and look and an answer will be provided.

The native Indians or Native Americans or masters at survival. There are masters at working with Mother Earth and understanding mother earth will supply all their needs. we’re not going into Indian meditation at this point but one of the key issues to survival is mental stability and mental strength. you need to reach back into history and understand that even in the most dire situations the native Americans were able to survive whatever mother earth threw at them. remembering this should be able to give you enough strength and calmness to observe and plan your attack against losing your life. mental attitude is 90% of survival. the other 10% is being able to observe, improvise, adapt and overcome.

Whenever I had away from home whether it’s to a store, a rifle range, a search and rescue mission or going to the back country on my own I make sure I have a few things on my person.

Proper clothing which also serves as your main shelter is a must. Prepare for what may lie ahead for the day or for 2 days. I always make sure I have at least one knife in my pocket. I check to make sure I have a fire starting equipment. Most likely two items. Flint, a bit lighter, feral rod or some type of sparking device if not a lighter. another item that I carry is cordage. Paracord is the best. I usually have it weaved around a belt, braided around my neck piece phone carrier, braided into a sling around my rifle or chain link and put into my pocket in my pants.

I always wear a watch. with my watch I can track distance and tell directions. I can plot a map in my mind or draw it on a sheet of paper that I have developed away to turn that into a small 10 page book that does not take up any room. I also carry a pencil, some flagging tape, a large garbage bag and a hat.

The second most important key to survival his observation. constantly observe your surroundings to see if there’s any items that you may need in the future to help start a fire, make a shelter or provide for a signaling device.

Planning is also an important step in moving outdoors. You think before you go out, you think when you get into a stressful situation and you start devising a plan as you continue with your outdoor adventure whether it be to the mall or to the backcountry.

Making or designing of fire Oracle is really no problem if you allow your mind to wander and observe your surroundings. the creature is around us are native to the area, look at them see what they do and if you can emulate them in a survival situation. then if you have to eat them.

As I said in the past survival is 90% mental 10% tools and provisions.

Remember food is not that important for the first couple of days. You can go three weeks without food. He’ll get hungry but you will not die due to lack of food. water you can survive up to 3 days without it depending upon your activity and your location. if you are in the desert move at night. conserve the body fluids. I wouldn’t drink urine due to the saltiness and the impurity in the liquid. however this could be saved and distilled for future use with the proper equipment.

Fire works as tool to give us heat provided for shelter, purify water, cook parasites out of our food , and provide singling opportunities.

I hope this works out for you as far as an introduction into survival.

To learn more give us a call at 775 741 0735 and arrange for a personal more in depth class and training.

Luck has nothing to do with it, intelligence, calmness and observation of your surroundings will handle everything that may be thrown at you. Stay calm and stay brave.

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