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Stop. It can save your life.

August 22, 2015

Stop. is an acronym that used with the rules of three can help anyone overcome their situation.

Stop stands for stop, think, observe and plan.

When one is faced with in immediate hardship or a challenge our minds usually become cluttered wondering what are we going to do? we take valuable time away from identifying the situation, analyzing the situation and dealing with the situation.

When circumstances hit us out of the blue we need to STOP! calm ourselves and collect our thoughts. This needs to be done in a very very rapid pace.

In the rules of three the first instance you must calm yourself within 3 seconds otherwise the situation overcome you and you may not be able to proceed with extracting yourself from your predicament.

Once you have stopped, think about where you’re at, think about what you need to do, think about the resources that are at hand, think about what resources are around you. Remember in the rules of three you can go 3 minutes without air, 3 hours due to exposure, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food. Survival is not meant to make your life comfortable. Survival is to get through an ordeal so you can move forward with your life.

Observe. Take a look of where you are located. What resources do we have on our selves, what resources do we have in our mind , what resources are located near us and easily assessable? How dire is our situation? again referring back to the rules of three we will determine but we will have to do first to get through our challenge.

Plan, we need to put a plan together. We need to have an idea of where we want to go. Tactics are the actions we take to help us implement the strategy or plan we need to improvise in order to remove us from a challenging and sometimes deadly situation.

Now it is time to plan. How are we going to extract ourselves from the challenges that we find ourselves experiencing? We have collected our resources now we need to put a plan together in order to move in accordance with the rules of 3.

The answer to our challenge is out there and is inside us. the human survival instinct is strong. In order to draw upon this instinct,  we must be willing to listen to our selves, our inner knowledge, our inner strength. where do we draw the strength from? I draw it from God. That is my personal choice, other people draw from the source of their choosing. they can draw from their families, their loved ones, their ideals, their education, and their past histories. Wherever you draw your inner strength from, your attitude, this is 90% of your survival fortitude.

Never give up never quit. One can always quit. It is easy to quit. But if you truly want to extract yourself from a challenging for dire situation, you can’t give up. there is no surrender.

So in a survival situation whether it be a business interview, a new date, a discussion with your children or your wife, a diagnosis of a deadly disease, remember to STOP. With practice this thought, STOP will be almost instantaneous. Use it in your daily life.