Range day today

Went to the range with a family that has not shot before. I took them through different firearms to shoot .

We start out with the basics of fire and safety. Then we progressed to how to properly hold of firearm including a pistol and rifle.

After the basics we put them all on a 22 pistol and a 22 rifle . This was Duninor to get them to assume the proper should position and then they fired rounds at different middle targets .

After this indoctrination we progressed to shooting pistols, a rifle and shot gun. The purpose of this activity was just to make them familiar with the different techniques and holding the different firearms .

They all had a fantastic time and are going to come back in the future for more in-depth training .

If you want to learn how to shoot or experience different firearms give us a call or go one of our websites at NevadaGunRental.com .

Reservations are highly recommended . We are private training facility . We could make any trading according to a person’s budget .

We hope to see you soon .

Josh Ketcham


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