Car Survival Items for the Winter World

Here is a list of items one should carry when traveling in the car during the winter. This is just a suggested list and can be added to depending on your situation.

1. Sleeping bag or two blankets for each occupant 2. Extra winter clothing, including gloves, boots and snow goggles, for each occupant 3. Emergency food 4. Metal cup 5. Waterproof matches 6. Long-burning candles, at least two 7. First-aid kit 8. Spare doses of personal medications 9. Swiss army knife or Leatherman-type multi-tool 10. Three 3-lb empty coffee cans with lids, for melting snow or sanitary purposes 11. Toilet paper 12. Cell phone and/or citizen’s band radio, with chargers 13. Portable radio receiver, with spare batteries 14. Flashlight with extra batteries and bulb 15. Battery booster cables and/or car battery recharging unit (plugs into cigarette lighter) 16. Extra quart of automobile oil (place some in hubcap and burn for emergency smoke signal) 17. Tire chains 18. Jack and spare tire 19. Road flares 20. Snow shovel 21. Windshield scraper and brush 22. Tow strap or chain 23. Small sack of sand or cat litter 24. Two plastic gallon drinking water jugs, full 25. Tool kit 26. Gas line deicer 27. Flagging, such as surveyor’s tape (tie to top of radio antenna for signal) 28. Duct tape 29. Notebook and pencil/marker 30. Long rope (e.g. clothesline) to act as safety rope if you leave car in blizzard 31. Carbon monoxide detector 32. Ax 33. Saw 34. Full tank of gas.

If you have any other suggestions please pass them along in the comment section.

Mountain Survival Inc. and Survival Inc.


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One Response to “Car Survival Items for the Winter World”

  1. livetoseetomorrow Says:

    I have an hour drive to work and another home. During the winter the road gets huge 3-4 ft deep drifts ive seen county plow trucks stuck in the drifts. I always keep a shovel, bug out bag, salt, an extra jacket, maglite 3d led, gloves, sleeping bag, matches, phone charger, and some hand warmers.

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