Survival Knives and tools

Every one has their own thought on survival knives. I am not going into that discussion at this time. I am going to discuss one tool that needs to be carried with what ever knife you have.

That tool is a knife sharpener.  A good sharpener to keep it your knife working  and  cutting properly and safely. There is nothing more dangerous than a dull knife.

Every time you cut paper, rope, wood, turn a coin or pry, you dull the blade.

When a knife is sharp, it cuts better with out a lot of force. With a dull knife, you have to work harder, apply more pressure and have a greater chance of not only cutting the object you are working on, but yourself. That creates another situation. One that you do not need in a survival situation.

A knife sharpener will sharpen all your cutting utensils. It will work on a pocket knife, dinner knife, carving knife, axe or a hatchet. It is light weight and easy to carry.

Nothing cuts like a nicely sharpened knife.

In a survival situation, you can get a sense of calmness as you sharpen your knife and you thinks on what else you have to do.

So in conclusion, add a knife sharpener to you pocket or at least your survival pack. It will make your cutting chores a lot easier and safer.


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