Cotton Kills in Winter

Cotton Kills!

I am a member of a search and rescue team. In addition, I have had over 45 years with back country experience. Teach winter survival and make sure my team members  are prepared for all conditions before a misson.

Winter is upon us again. If you are not prepared, the clothing you are wearing will kill you.

Whether you are going to the store, skiing, traveling to Grand Ma house or going into the back country, do not wear cotton clothing in the winter.

Cotton Kills!


When cotton becomes wet, it draws heat from your body. Your body can not produce enough heat to dry it out. Cotton clothing  absorbs, holds and wicks water through out it entire area.Wet cotton robs your body of heat.

In search and rescue operation, before our team memebers our sent out in winter, they go through a clothing check to insure they are not wearing cotton. This includes undergarments. If found, they will not be allowed to venture out into the cold.

Instead of cotton wear wool or fleece clothing.

Fleece and wool insulates while wet where cotton does not insulate.

Fleece and wool when wet still  retain heat and insulation abilities. They will move moisture away from your skin. Cotton holds the moisture next to your skin and wicks the heat from your body.

In thermodynamics, you learn that moisture holds more heat than air. When cotton becomes wet it is the equivalent of sitting in a sub freezing lake without any protection. The heat of your body is quickly moved away from the core and hypothermia is accelerated.

Next time you are going out in winter, remember not to wear cotton. Wear wool, fleece or other synthetic materials that will keep you warm when you are wet.

Remember “Cotton Kills.”

To learn more about survival, go to

Wearing cotton could be the death of you. Please do not do it.



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