Personal Survival

Wow, the world is in a different place than last year. More jobs lost, we will have to pay for insurance for others 4 years before they can use it. The housing market is still falling and employers are trying to reduce the cost of doing business due to the government increase cost in doing business.

What does this mean?

People are more agitated and desperate.

Car jacking are up. Home invasions are up. Robberies are up and who are you going to call?

911? what is the response time? In short, you are going to have to depend upon yourself.

How are you going to do that? Martial arts, the art of talking, body guards, or learning how to shoot. Remember, God made man but Sam Colt made them all equal.

Nevada Gun Rental has different guns and calibers for you to try. You can try before you go and buy. Give us a call at 775 741 0735 and we can arrange an outing for you. We do not sell guns, but we have all types to shoot. We can go to you or you can come to us.

While in Reno or Lake Tahoe and you are looking for a different activity to try out. Why not learn marksmanship? Become familiar with the different advantages of the various firearms out there. When it comes down to it, you are the only on who will be able to protect yourself and your families. With shrinking budgets, there may not be a cop when you need one.

Your survival depends upon you. l

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