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What to do in a Survival Situation

September 29, 2009

see_meThis blog is in connection with Today we are going to discuss what should be your first steps taken when you are faced with a survival situation or in that case any stressful situation.

First, why should you read what I have to write?

Well, you can never have enough information and second, I have lived everything I am telling you.

I have faced certain death 3 times in my life, I am military trained, and was the youngest casino owner at Lake Tahoe and work with the local search and rescue for the past 9 years.

This web site is part of and in assocation with Survival Inc.

What should you do first when faced with a bad situation? You should STOP!

STOP? what is that?

It stands for S: Stop, T: think, O: Observe, P: plan. Then you act.

Stop: You need to calm your thoughts first in any stressful situation. If you are worried, your mind is cluttered and worry never has solved any situation.

Think: you need to calm your fears, and think how to best resolve your situation.

You need to observe your situation, surrounding and mental attitude. Acess what you have. Take inventory of your supplies, time of day, things you will need to take care of the rules of 3’s. ( 3 minutes of air, 3 hours of exposure, 3 days without water, 3 weeks with out food).

Once you have done the above, now it is time to plan. Plan how to survive, get located, protect yourself from the environment and from your fears.

If you can master this, you stand a good chance in surviving any situation from being lost, to combat, to surviving cancer and to managing a sucessful business. I know, because I have done all of these.

If you have questions or want me to answer any questions for you, call me, Josh Ketcham, at 775 741 o735. I am here to help you.